How does it manifest itself?

  1. Every member of our complex is required under his/her contract to sign an ethical code of conduct when joining. You are welcome to read it here.
  2. We have provided an office space at no cost to two non-profit organizations, for a period of three to six months, to facilitate their important causes. You are welcome to visit the non-profit organizations located on the premises, and visit other active members of our community as well.
  3. We examined our supply chain, and selected suppliers who shared our vision. Instead of employing contract worker cleaners, we work with the Cooperative, and our office supplies is the 100 Achuz Company. Do you know any other suppliers we should get to know? We would be happy to hear from you.
  4. We use no disposable materials in our complex and ensure separation of waste in the main kitchens.
  5. We have showers in the complex, as well as bicycle parking, to reduce the use of private vehicles.
  6. The Port will host events, lectures and activities throughout the year, dealing with the most urgent social issues in Israel.

Shikum Acher

 This non-profit Association was established in 2004, to facilitate social change and promote the integration of people dealing with mental disabilities in the competitive labor market, and in the community. The Association has been working for over a decade to increase willingness and awareness and equal opportunity employment for people suffering from a mental disability. During its operation, the Association has assisted the integration of hundreds of people with mental disabilities in a wide variety of workplaces and positions. Its activity is carried out in close cooperation with the Ministries of Health and Defense, as well as Bituach Leumi (National Insurance Institute).

Science Abroad

Science Abroad was founded in 2006, as an international community for more than 3,700 Israeli researchers around the world. The non-profit organization operates 32 centers in North America, Europe and Australia which are run by volunteer scientists. The organization provides tools, nurtures connections and opens doors for Israeli scientists wishing to return to Israel, with the goal of bringing their knowledge, talent, experience and the connections gained abroad to Israeli academia and industry, thus encouraging growth.

100 Achuz

100 Achuz is a business that works differently – a social business that allows companies to purchase well and do good. When you purchase from a social business, you earn twice as much: a cheap, high-quality product and a contribution to the community. Thanks to 100 Achuz’ transparent model, we are able to buy all necessary supplies, while they give away half of their profits to social causes.

Would you like to participate?

Would you like to hear more details? Would you like to offer us some new ideas? We are waiting for your call!