The Dock

The place where the magic of bonding occurs.

A hospitality venue that allows the residents of the Port to mingle on a daily basis, thus providing a fertile ground for the creation of business connections. Being planned from the very beginning as a spot for day-to-day encounters, the Dock serves also as a space for conducting conferences, events, presentations, and lectures. The conduction of each event will be professionally orchestrated, from the moment of its conception until the last moments of its delivery, by an assigned production team. The Port team will appoint an event manager who will address all the organizational needs of the event – beginning with the arrangement of the space according to the nature of the event, along with providing a varied menu and culminating in invitation design and event execution.

Business Lounge

Prestigious, meticulous, and well-planned lounge designed for important meetings and special occasions. Whether you are interested in interviewing your potential employees, meeting with an investor, or just having a one-on-one encounter – this is the perfect place for any of your endeavors. The Business Lounge Complex offers bar services, including various soft and hot drinks, alcoholic beverages, sandwiches, fresh pastries, and much more.


Fitness and Health Center

A complex that offers the perfect combination of leisure with lifestyle and sports. In collaboration with Yoav Kadmon (“Peer Cinema” and “Beit Hanna”), we have managed to create Export – a diverse complex that encompasses a wide selection of quality studio classes as well as a pampering gym. Export allows you to enjoy anaerobic, aerobic and functional training, using the best quality fitness equipment. At the end of the workout (or even without it), you will be welcomed into fully equipped showers.

Port Workspaces

Ashtrom Port provides an innovative office concept that comprises tailor-made ever-changing office spaces, ensuring an improved and upgraded work environment. Whether you are a one-man-show or a company with dozens or hundreds of employees, you will be provided with personalized, cutting-edge solutions. Ashtrom Port makes sure to keep you all connected.