Work More and Get Less? From now on EVERYTHING can be Different! Ashtrom redefines the Work-Life Balance


The year 2020 was, among other things, the year during which we realized how many hours a day are spent on work, either in the office or commuting to work. Do we succeed in our attempt to combine work and life, or is this combination doomed for failure?

It turns out we work for the better part of the day. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of our waking hours, much of our everyday life, are dedicated to working. In light of the events that took place in the world in 2020, and the transition to home-office set-up, the constant attempt to combine work and career with our personal lives has achieved a whole new level. For example, we already understand what a workday looks like when lunch with the family becomes a daily routine or the importance of hobbies and exercise. Even when we all return back to the office, and the reality of 2020 will be no more than an old story, we will still keep asking ourselves – are traffic jams the only viable option, or is there a more pleasant way to work? And at the end of the day – did we succeed in our attempt to combine work and life, or in most cases, this combination is doomed for failure? Come with us on a journey to learn some more about the work-life balance, at the end of which you will know how you too can make it happen.

A Short Introduction

The average Israeli employee works more than most of his colleagues in OECD countries. Many organizations and employers still evaluate their employees by the number of their work hours and not by performance. If you add to the actual working hours, also the time spent on commute to and from work, you will receive gross working hours that are much higher than the OECD average. If that’s not enough, the desire to succeed and develop a thriving career motivates employees to devote a significant portion of their free time to work matters. This situation produces particularly long working days and often results in a state where work becomes a never-ending process. You haven’t replied to an email at 23:00? Really strange. And thus, the time devoted to work bites into leisure time and disrupts the ability to balance work and career in a healthy way.

What is the purpose of work-life balance?

The basics of the balance refers to an understanding that there is no work without life and no life without work. The equation’s two parameters are essential: work is an important and integral part of our life in the modern Western world. However, a satisfying and rewarding career can be achieved alongside a fulfilling life that includes personal development in various areas of interest.

When there is no balance between the two and work becomes synonymous with “life itself,” we tend to become unmotivated, frustrated, and less productive. But then, paradoxically, our work performance takes a hit. However, as we cultivate an employee holistic vision and produce the balance between our personal life, family life, hobbies, nutrition, and fitness, we become happier, more complete, and more productive at work. It’s a WIN-WIN situation.

We believe it can be done differently!

After an in-depth planning, with a genuine desire to create a holistic workplace experience that combines an advanced workplace environment combined with leisure and lifestyle, we at Ashtrom are proud to present you with Ashtrom Port. This innovative complex accurately combines the best of the two worlds and creates a real work-life balance. The vision behind the construction of the complex is the desire to create a single environment that allows one to grow, self-develop, and thrive both personally and professionally. That is why we have established Ashtrom Port in a strategic location in the heart of Hod Hasharon, where for the first time, employees and employers alike can successfully combine personal development and career.

We are NOT another shared workspace! What will you find in the new complex?

Co-working spaces are not a new thing. Having said that, they all usually tend to address only one need out of the work-life balance equation. Most of the time, a workspace serves as a temporary office for individuals, businesses, and various companies. However, the second need in the work-life balance equation, including personal development, integration of interests from daily life and personal well-being, is not being met. This combination is crucial to produce the desired work-life balance.

Therefore, we have decided that we in Ashtrom will approach this matter differently. No more shared workspace, which forces its members to adapt themselves and their lifestyle to the existing environment. We have created a unique and advanced work complex that adapts itself to the needs, desires, and pace of the organization and employees’ development.

Port Workspaces – Work at the highest level

Ashtrom Port has tailor-made offices and workspaces that can be efficiently modified at any given moment according to the organization’s needs. In addition, it offers you a variety of technologically advanced meeting rooms, meetup/hangout areas that provide a fertile ground for creating business connections, highest speed Internet, private telephone booths, on-site IT staff, coffee machines, and much more. The Port comprises innovative, ever-changing office spaces, ensuring an improved and upgraded work environment. The Complex was created because we genuinely believe, that it is time to change the way we balance work and life and give you the freedom to be exactly who you are. Ashtrom Port makes sure to keep you all connected.

Port Experience -Experience at the highest level

Port Experience is a complex that allows the creation of the optimal work-life balance. Among other things, one can find a prestigious and well-planned Business Lounge, a hospitality venue, fully equipped kitchens, a Fitness and Health center that offers a wide selection of quality studio classes as well as a pampering gym, laundry and dry cleaning services, well-furnished wardrobes, and much more. This complex offers a new level of flexibility while providing the desired work-life balance. We strongly believe that parenting and family-time can fit easily in one`s workday. We also believe that Yoga, Pilates, or gym workouts in the middle of a workday are not a luxury reserved for virtuous individuals only.

Port Experience creates a framework that allows different people with different needs to promote personalized learning, self-development, and professional advancement. Our holistic perspective enables us to bridge between life and career aspirations.

How will Ashtrom Port help you create your own work-life balance?

As we have already mentioned, many of us spend most of our time working or commuting to and from work. We continuously struggle to divide our time between career, personal life, family, hobbies, and friends. Our complex enables and promotes the concept of Work-Life Balance by having everything under one roof.

By working in the Ashtrom Port complex, you can easily switch between the worlds of work and leisure simply and efficiently, and save many hours of travel and traffic jams to optimize your time and make the most out of your day. If you wish to incorporate some exercise into your workday or invest in your physical fitness, you can do it without spending endless hours in traffic jams on the way back from work to the gym. Remember that training increases concentration and makes actual working hours much more productive.

Export, a diverse Sports and Lifestyle center includes, among other things, quality studio classes, a pampering gym, and fully equipped wardrobes, allowing you to train before or after work as well as during working hours.

The Dock serves as space for conferences and events, extracurricular activities, training, presentations, and business meetings. We invite you to be a part of the future

The work-life balance nowadays is more accessible than ever before. By joining us, you will be able to enjoy both worlds in one place. We have created for you a unique workplace environment that enables personal, professional, and business development under one innovative roof, without the need to turn on your car`s ignition. From this day on, you work more and get more! Join us and design your OWN Work-Life Balance!