What is the most effective way to get the most out of your employees?


If you were asked the following question: What is more important to you as a manager or business owner, hardworking employees who work hard, or efficient employees who reach maximum productivity in a minimum of time?

We believe that if you are committed (to yourself) to becoming more efficient over time – you have no choice but to choose the latter. The average Israeli employee works harder and longer than ever before, compared to himself and his counterpart worldwide. Many of the employees spend most of their daytime either in the office or commuting to and from work. Furthermore, many employers are still captive to the illusion that a diligent worker is measured by the number of hours he has spent that particular month in the office, or in other words, who is the last one to turn off the light in the office.

However, this trend of measuring employees by the number of their office hours, while ignoring the employee’s well-being and the work-life balance changes rapidly in recent years. The mental shift occurs due to recent years’ technological development, which allows worldwide communication and the transition of the world’s largest and leading companies to home-office set-up or unique complexes such as Ashtrom Port, which are equipped with advanced workstations. Many studies show that the correlation between personal well-being and improving employee performance has accelerated the trend of placing a particular emphasis on the importance of work-life balance and the need to perceive employees holistically.

This significant trend is gaining momentum for a reason. Many employers already realize that when they allow their employees to create a healthy integration between work (where employees spend most of their day) and personal life, they get in return happier, more professional, and much more committed employees.

What makes employees choose a particular workplace?
For many of us, work is an essential and integral part of life, but we all have a life outside of work. When employers give their employees the impression that work has been synonymous with “life itself,” their employees become unmotivated, frustrated, and far less productive. The opposite is also true. When companies and employers cultivate a holistic view of the employee, allowing him to create a healthy balance between his personal life, hobbies, family, community, diet, and fitness habits, the same employers get more productive employees committed to the business more than ever.

So what can be done to improve the work-life balance of your employees?

First, remember that every step counts. Even if you can only do one small thing that will allow your employees to integrate their personal lives effectively with the workplace environment, this is an important and welcome step forward. Push them to realize the healthy balance between the workplace environment and personal life.

Every employee has different needs

A holistic view of your employees and the understanding that everyone has their own needs are fundamental to creating a work-life balance. Some employees desperately need a few minutes of quiet with a cup of coffee on the porch every morning, and there are those who without their daily yoga class, feel half-human. The vision of each person as an individual and the ability to provide for his or her basic needs is the first milestone on the path to creating a dedicated and efficient organization. Today, many businesses and employers understand the importance of a holistic workplace environment and move their headquarters to dedicated complexes that provide them with an All-in-One modern workplace environment that meets all the company and employees’ needs. Such a complex is dedicated entirely to the employees’ well-being, allowing them to devote their time to other things besides work that is crucial for creating balance in life.

What else can be done to get more efficient employees? Strengthen the sense of community

Put yourself in the employee’s shoes for a moment. What would you prefer, finish each day by time-stamping and traveling home by car all by yourself? Or alternatively, a workplace environment that, alongside work, provides facilities at the highest level, a variety of extracurricular activities, personal and professional development, and much more.

Many companies and employers have long realized that employees’ sense of belonging and community can significantly improve their productivity. After all, we are social creatures, and emphasizing a workplace environment that allows for a comfortable meeting place and creating a sense of community is a great way to make your employees more efficient and develop a sense of well-being.

How do you accomplish that?

Well, there are several ways to approach this topic – the easiest is to choose a workplace environment that allows for daily bonding between the employees in the company offices. If you have decided to build your offices using cubicles with no shared spaces or designated meeting places for employees, you are headed in the wrong direction. Today, innovative well-equipped complexes include meeting spaces for employees, allowing them to balance between work and life and creating interpersonal connections with each other. Such complexes are established in a way that is adapted to the evolving work style of recent years. We believe that a proper work-life balance produces happier and more efficient employees.