The Offices

As part of the abundance offered by the Port Workspaces, each office includes a handmade, locally produced work-desk. Next to each office-desk, an adjustable designer personal table-lighting was anchored. The Port offices were built while maintaining the construction standard of Ashtrom and with an uncompromising level of finish. The Port ensures a quality, comfortable, and quiet workplace environment.

The shared Port Workspaces provide a fertile ground for creating business connections, highest speed internet, private telephone booths, on-site IT staff, coffee machines, and much more.

Meeting Rooms

Port Workspaces offers a variety of advanced and well-appointed conference halls in all shapes and sizes. The halls are endowed with advanced quality equipment- VC systems, ClickShare services, still and carbonated water taps, as well as Nespresso coffee machines. Via the complex app one can order catering services prior to the event.

* The above services are provided in some of the conference halls.

Port Experience

We fully comprehend that our experiences are an integral part of our lives. That is why we have created Port Experience, which is a first-of-its-kind All-in-One unique complex, finally making it possible to enjoy the ideal work-life balance with minimal effort.

Membership Tiers


You will be operating in a floating (vacant) workspace in the shared Port Workspaces area. You’ll be able to handpick your desired location every single day according to your needs and comfort. Access to the conference halls must be arranged in advance.


This option offers a private and intimate room or area that encompasses 2 -15 workplace stations in an advanced and customized office space. All members gain open access to conference halls and Port Premium equipment (reserved in advance).


This membership tier allows creating a customized system that offers, among other things, private meeting rooms, a kitchenette, and tailor-made office spaces.

As part of the membership, you will have free access to all the services that Port Experience has to offer: Fitness and Health Complex (Export), Conference and Event Complex (Dock) and the prestigious Business Lounge Complex (reserved in advance).

Do you rent an office near the Park? Not in need of an additional office/workspaces? Enjoy an extended Port Experience Package. Learn more about Port Experience